(Norsk) Første gang på spa Hankø Hotell utenfor fredrikstad 1 time fra oslo

First time at a Spa

First time at a Spa

For you comfort during your visit at the spa we have som advise that will contribute to giving you a best possible stay.

Arrive in good time
Please be in the Spa 15 minutes before you appointment. This will give you time to get organized before your treatment. We ask that you respect the times. If you arrive late your appointment will be shortened accordingly, or in special cases, cancelled.

Our pool and jacuzzies are chlorine based and it is therefore and advantage that you have showered  before the treatment and not after so that the products we use during the treatments have time to work.

If you are taking certain medications that you think may effect your treatment, please let us know in advance.

We offer treatments specially suited pregnant.

We recommend that you shower before body treatments, massages and using our pools.

Switch of cell phones
Cell phones must be switched of and kept in your room or in the locker.

Non smoking
Smoking is prohibited indoors.