(Norsk) Aktivitets hotellet Hankø Hotell & Spa utenfor Fredrikstad 1 time fra Oslo

Facts and Facilites

Facts and Facilites

At the hotel we offer the use of 4 tennis courts, our own beach, full size fotball field, indoor sports arena and our 13 room spa deaprtment. If you have a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, company trip or just want to have a romantic weekend – get in touch and we will help you with the setting and contents.

All our guest hav fri access

Spa department
As well as 13 treatment rooms our spa has its own mind zone, spinning room and relax area.

Outdoor activities
In the hotel garden out front we have mini-golf and boccia. You may also rent a cano, kayak or bike. We have a map over the island for you at the front desk. Remember comfortable walking shoes.

Front desk
The front desk is the heart of the hotel and is open 24/7 and our front desk staff are always ready to answer your questions.

Restaurants and bars
You will never need to be thirsty or hungry when you are a guest at our hotel. Our kitchen is well known for good food. Check out the link on the left side for more informartion.

We have a large indoor pool for fun and training as well as 2 jacuzzies for relaxation. In the locker rooms you will find 2 types of saunas.

If you are staying at the hotel the entrance fee to our pool area is inckluded in the room rate. Children are not permitted to use the pool without adult supervision.