Hankø hotell

When you come to Hankø, you immediately feel the relief of getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here, your well-being comes first, and we do everything to meet your wishes and needs.

When you sink into a warm mineral bath and close your eyes after a deep massage. When the energy flows through the body after a yoga class, or you rest your legs after a walk in the fresh air. That’s what it’s all about.

Last ned vår brosjyre her

At the outside of the Oslofjord

On the south-east side of the Oslofjord, about an hour’s drive from Oslo and an approx. 15 minutes’ drive from Fredrikstad, lies one of Norway’s most beautiful islands (3 minutes with a passenger ferry from the mainland). Here we have revived old traditions from 1877 when Hankø Bad and Kystsanatorium were built. Artists, grocer families and nobility traveled here to take part in water cures, mud baths etc., as well as drinking health-giving mineral water. At the end of the 1930s, these activities ceased.

One of Norway’s largest Spa departments

Now, half a century later, it arises again. In November 2002, Hankø opened the doors to one of the finest Spas in Scandinavia, where well-being and relaxation are at the centre. Hankø is a scenic place with free deers roaming around and burial sites from the Bronze Age. The hotel also has 4 tennis courts, mini golf, Hankøhallen (the hotel’s own sports hall), a football pitch and its own beach (Trouville). There are 160 private summer homes on Hankø. Amongst them is the royal family’s summer residence, right down the road from the hotel. The royal family’s traditional interest in sailing has linked them to Hankø for many years.

Do you like going for a stroll in beautiful nature?

Then Hankø is the dream place for you. Get up and enjoy a delicious breakfast, before putting on your outdoor gear and launching into Hankø’s beautiful nature. Stroll along the water, or take a horse ride on enchanting forest paths. Perhaps you meet a deer or five on your passage. In any case, a walk on Hankø will certainly provide you some adventure. The Trouville bath house and the climbing wall at Håbaugen offer great views to the sea.